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Pos Laju 4 April 2011:
1. Intan Fazila - EN 474217575 MY

Pos Laju 23 Mac 2011:
1. Noor Hasimah- EN 474217589 MY
2. Julia- EN 474217663 MY

Pos Laju 18 Mac 2011:
1. Julia-
EN 474212710 MY
EN 474216671 MY

Pos Laju 16 Mac 2011:
1. Nur Syuhada- EN 474212723 MY
2. Nina Rose- EN 474212683 MY
3. Aiza- EN 461343305 MY

Pos Laju (14 Feb 2011) :
1. Norfaizah- EN 461343328 MY
2. Norsakinah- EN457361299 MY
3. Afiqah- EN465029582 MY
4. Rosni- EN 461343331 MY
5. Sharon- EN 461343314 MY

Tracking no 11 Jan 2010 (Pos laju) :
Farah Wahidah - EN 465029605 MY
Nur Diyana - EN 465029596 MY
Shaferrihaiza - EN 460848846 MY/ EN 457361308 MY
Noor Hayati - EN 457361311 MY

Tracking no 11 Jan 2010 (Pos laju) :
Tieh Pui Ing - EN 473161910 MY

Tracking no 5 Jan 2010 (Pos laju) :
Ruwaida - EN 457345910 MY

Tracking no 3 Jan 2010 (Pos laju) :
Raja Azliana Zeiti - EN 441663708 MY

Tracking no 24 Dec 2010 (Pos laju) :
Cynthia Ong - EN 441663711 MY

Tracking no 20 Dec 2010 (Pos laju) :
Koh Kar Chun - EN 441663671 MY

Tracking no 14 Dec 2010 (Pos laju) :
Feena - EN 441663685 MY
Laili- EN 441658657 MY

Tracking no 24 November 2010 (Pos laju) :
Jamaiah - EN 439600695 MY
Azliza- EN 441663699 MY

Tracking no 12 November 2010 (Pos laju) :
Wahida - EN 439600718 MY
Norazura- EN 43960074 MY

Tracking no 26 October 2010 (Pos laju) :
Azriani Aziz - EN 420712876 MY
Nurezira- EN 439600721 MY

Tracking no 20 October 2010 (Pos laju) :
Juana jamil - EN 420712902 MY
Fathiah- EN 420712910 MY

Tracking no 20 September 2010 (Pos laju) :
Nur Rashidah - EN 419116050 MY
Zaharah- EN 563552016 MY
Chong Siew Chin- EN 568257890 MY

Tracking no 24 August 2010 :
Atikah - EN 283738066 MY (Pos laju)
Tracking no 13 August 2010 (Pos Ekspress) :
Nur amalia- LD 113327335 MY
Fauziah- LG 110576183 MY

Tracking no 3 August 2010 (Pos laju) :
Adhara- EN 273635760 MY

Tracking no 16 July 2010 (Pos laju) :
Nurul mizaan- EN 273635756 MY
Fazliana- EN 273635758 MY

Tracking no 13 July 2010 (Registered Post) :
Farah Asfa- RD 681323478 MY
Kamila- RD 681323481 MY
Charlotte- RD 681323464 MY
Nadia- RD 681323455 MY
Nina-LG 113374110 MY(Pos ekspress)

Tracking no 5 July 2010:
Tunku Naziha- EN 273635742 MY (Pos laju)
Zimah- LG11 337 410 6MY(Pos ekspress)

Tracking no before 5 July 2010:

Adhara- EN 273635760 MY
Nurul mizaan- EN 273635756 MY
Fazliana- EN 273635758 MY
Farah Asfa- RD 681323478 MY
Kamila- RD 681323481 MY

Charlotte- RD 681323464 MY
Nadia- RD 681323455 MY
Nina-LG 113374110 MY
Tunku Naziha- EN 273635742 MY (Pos laju)
Zimah- LG11 337 410 6MY(Pos ekspress)
Aziah- LEO10 481 428 6MY (Pos ekspress)
Khairunnisa- EN 222049641 MY
Flora- EN 317665997 MY
Farah- EN 317666003 MY
Phoebe- EN 273528377 MY(Pos Laju)
Rumaizah- C 0223183-000000(Nationwide)
Siti Malina- EN 251056450 MY (Pos Laju)
Nik roslinda- EN251056477MY (Pos Laju)
Nadrah- EN251056463MY (Pos Laju)
Norazlin- ED892417021MY(Pos laju)
Erin- RD511614290MY (Registered post)
Farah- RD511614175MY (Registered post)
Aziah- EN221780231MY (Pos laju)
Nina- CD144310865MY (Domestik post)
Rina- 28547169(Nationwide express)
Ika- LX 43216559 MY (Pos eskpress)
Shakira - RD336554058MY (Registered Post)
Tina - EN221780214MY (Pos Laju)
Diana Afandi- EN170165389MY (Pos Laju)
Shafinaz - EN186268681MY (Pos Laju)
Nik Diana- EN188357438MY (Pos Laju)
Lydia - EN188357415MY (Pos Laju)
Nur Azwani - EN170165392MY(Pos Laju)
Yasmin - EN170165375MY(Pos Laju)
Siti Hajar - LX512279095MY(Pos Ekspress)
Nik Diana- EN185586961MY (Pos Laju)
Aida - EN169487877MY (Pos Laju)
Milin Nora - EN170165313MY(Pos Laju)
Norbadlina- EN170165295MY (Pos Laju)
Dzanny- CD147452160MY (Registered Post)
Dayang - EN186406017MY (Pos Laju)
Tracy - EN86406215MY (Pos Laju)
Hilma - RD345477796MY (Registered Post)
Liz J - RD345477805MY (Registered Post)
Nabelle - EN169858105MY (Pos Laju)
Rima - RD345891892MY (Registered Post)
Najwa - RD259869335MY (Registered Post)
Nisa - RD259869327MY (Registered Post)
Liza - LX51227910MY (Pos Ekspress )
COACH Heritage Signature Handbag - COD at my hometown
DKNY Town & Country Large Tote - COD at my hometown
Soon Pei Yee - CD130115906MY (E-Parcel)
Aisyah - LX512279087MY (Pos Ekspress)
Alison Chan - COD at Emerald Park,Melaka.
Tracy - EN170165361MY (Pos Laju)
MNG basic sleves - COD at Jusco,Melaka.

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Hello dearies,
Welcome to SHOP A LOT!!I sell brand new items at cheap prices!All items are in Malaysia right now. The items are all in excellent conditions.I purchase these items from USA and all of them are 1OO% AUTHENTIC or money back guaratee. I`m simply thrilled at the thought of dressing up girls to look all fabulous and fashionista. I will bring you girls pretty and branded clothings along the way!!
Happy shopping babe.

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8 Nov 2010- I am opening pre-order for GUESS handbag.Please fill up the order form to order darl:)First come first serve because we only have limited quantity for each item!!Happy shopping:)

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All items are 100% authentic.

All items are ready stock and brand new.

All items price are NOT including postal charges.Buyers are responsible for the shipping charges.

Reservaation requires at least RM50(non-refundable).Full payment are to made within 1 week.If u need longer time,just inform me.Im flexibel.

I do accept INSTALLMENT for all my items but items will be only posted after full payment receive.Feel free to ask.

Please kindly send me the order form for me to process your orders.Items are sold at a first come first serve basis.

All sales are final. Serious buyers only. No last minute back outs! Dead buyers will be blacklisted.Deposit non refundable!!

Items sold are checked and in good condition. I will not bear responsible for any loss or damages during postage.

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